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About                                                                                                                                 Shredded Thread Auto Upholstery was created by Warren Wing II. He began his study of upholstering in high school through Mesa Vo-tech and a local hot rod shop. After taking a break for the marines and an electrical career, he came back to upholstery.                                   At first it was just a hobby, but word got out, and demand heighten, so Shredded Thread Auto Upholstery was founded. Now, years into the business, Shredded Thread has become an established company, with some fairly extravagant projects in its history. Now it’s know for its quality work and custom designs.                                                                                   Despite this, Shredded Thread is determined to remain the mom-and-pop shop it started as, and has vowed to work with you at a personal level, with the same reasonable prices.


Pricing and Estimations                                                                                                       We pride ourselves on giving you the best workmanship and materials at the lowest cost. We are a no B.S. shop. As a customer, we want you to be informed, so you get exactly what you are looking for.

Due to the vast variety of vehicle seats, varying conditions, and unique customers wants, we can’t offer firm bids. Instead we offer three pricing methods:

• We can offer you an estimate, although, it’s important to remember estimates can fluctuate. Because the only way to know what’s happening under a seat cover, is to remove it.

• We can offer you a should-not-exceed price, which is our estimated maximum price.

• Third, and the option we’ve seen work best, is to let us work within your budget. Let us know what your budget is for the project, and we will tell you what we can do for that price. Most often this is the best way to get what you want.

Appointment Hours
After 3 P.M. on Weekdays
All Day Saturday
Closed on Sunday

How to Schedule
When getting a re-upholstering done, it’s standard to set up an appointment for picking out material, and bringing in the vehicle or items to be upholstered, if possible, so we can give you a more accurate estimate.
To schedule an appointment, you can call or text us at 208-921-8556, or you can send an email to info@shreddedthread.com.

Since we don’t have a large wholesale house in Boise to get materials, we have a distributor that comes by every three weeks. This means the sooner we can order your materials the sooner we can start your work. You do have the option of paying additional shipping charges if you want the job done sooner.

Note: Half the cost of labor and the full cost of material is required before we can begin your project.

                                  We look forward to doing business with you.